27 February 2013


After a week-end in Brussels I'd like to share with you some very interesting 
addresses I visited

LE TYPOGRAPHE : 67 rue Americaine
Postcards, note books, portofolios, writing sets...
All products use printing presses and are hand assembled according
to traditionnal methods in their workshop.
A beautiful shop !

BOUCLE D'OR : 12 rue Tabellion
Clothes, toys & accessories for kids.
A very nice multi brands shop

BELLEROSE : 5 place Stéphanie
A nice shop. Clothes for kids, women and men

ICI : 35, rue Darwin - 
Tuesday to Friday : 9.30am - 7.00 pm, 
Sunday : 10.30am - 5.30pm
And the hightlight of my week-end,
a delicious brunch on sunday in a very nice atmosphere

14 February 2013

Let the sun shine ...

Little by little the new collection start to take place in the shop. 
This amazingly beautiful collection and new color palette : roux renard, rose minh, summer night, gaspacho, bleu danube... makes me almost forget that we are still in winter
that I am wearing a tee-shirt, shirt, cardigan and a scarf wrapped double around my neck 
and my hat and gloves are not far away !!! 
Come on sunshine we are ready

1 February 2013

Summer 2013 ...

Boxes full of spring/summer Bonton collection 
started arriving at the shop...

But for the moment I am receiving, checking, unwrapping, and storing !
You will soon see in more details

The sale are still on for a few more days