26 October 2012

Here comes the fall...

The shop has put on it's autumn colours... and a little "trick or treat"
guest has slipped in amongst the selection...

How can you resist this sooo pretty, comfy, wooly, 
cutie, hoodie... jacket ?!

 Or very comfy flannel trousers...

Or a beautiful cashmere cardigan ...


 I love this very "grand-pa"cardigan

A romantic little blouse with "golden ribbon"

 I don't need to introduce the colour of the season
any more : YELLOW... so luminous and warm for
this coming winter 

Happy halloween !

And finally a flannel satchel with a little
"je ne sais quoi"for our little ones

10 October 2012


 The first word that comes to me when I think about Makié is "delicacy".
Makié is a brand from New York that I like for its elegance and modernity.
A New York duo with Japanese roots.
 A very delicate and poetic universe... in beautiful muted tones.



5 October 2012

Mood outfits

 As a mood board I thought about mood outfit
And luckily for you all these beautiful items are at the shop !