10 December 2012

Places I love in Paris - part 2

Another bustling area I love to go to when I am in Paris is 


 Merci : 111 boulevard Beaumarchais 
is THE place to shop !
This three floor superstore brings together a carefully chosen selection of furniture, 
homeware, fashion, perfume...
There is also a lower ground floor canteen overlooking a courtyard garden
and a very charming and cosy café on the ground floor ( see first photo)

You will always find something to buy in this shop !!!

Bonton : 5 boulevard des filles du calvaire
This is their flagship store and even though I sell this brand I LOVE browsing in this beautiful three floor shop all about children...It's a very inspiring shop 
(the shop is 2 minutes walk from Merci on the same boulevard)

Rose bakery : 30 rue Debelleyme
There is a much bigger selection than the "mini one" in London
The brunch in rose bakery !!! Oh lå lå...
The bread, the scones, banana bread... 
A very yummy menu

Khadi and co : 37 rue Debelleyme
Winter or Summer I can't leave without a scarf wrapped around my neck
and this is the place to find one !

Just by walking around this area you will find a lot of shops and famous ones such as :
 A.P.C, Isabel Marant, Zef...
(These shops are by Saint sebastien-froissart tube station)

Little french trotters : 28 rue de Charonne
A multi brand shop for children
A nice selection of lots of small brands

Caravane : 19 & 22 rue saint Nicolas
Avery nice homeware shop

(Both shops are by Ledru-rollin tube station)

5 December 2012

Lucky boy sunday

 These are Lucky Boy Sunday's newcomers 
Handmade knitted.
The collections are designed in Copenhagen, Denmark, and then produced in Bolivia by super talented women.
All is made of top of the pop 100% baby alpaca.
Lucky boy sunday supports some of the poorest population of Bolivia by giving them a good job and a fair price.
At the same time the Bolivian knitters make our dreams come alive


 Sad Joe pillow


 Mr Bell, 
I have a soft spot for him ...