26 October 2012

Here comes the fall...

The shop has put on it's autumn colours... and a little "trick or treat"
guest has slipped in amongst the selection...

How can you resist this sooo pretty, comfy, wooly, 
cutie, hoodie... jacket ?!

 Or very comfy flannel trousers...

Or a beautiful cashmere cardigan ...


 I love this very "grand-pa"cardigan

A romantic little blouse with "golden ribbon"

 I don't need to introduce the colour of the season
any more : YELLOW... so luminous and warm for
this coming winter 

Happy halloween !

And finally a flannel satchel with a little
"je ne sais quoi"for our little ones


  1. love the new shop!!
    what brand is the wine beautiful cashmere cardigan and the flannel satchel, (gorgeous by the way)?
    Do you sell online?

  2. Thank you very much Altadena.
    The cashmere cardigan and the flannel satchel are from Bonton Papillon, and sadly I don't have any online shop.

  3. Any idea where or if you can still purchase the satchel? Thank you