10 December 2012

Places I love in Paris - part 2

Another bustling area I love to go to when I am in Paris is 


 Merci : 111 boulevard Beaumarchais 
is THE place to shop !
This three floor superstore brings together a carefully chosen selection of furniture, 
homeware, fashion, perfume...
There is also a lower ground floor canteen overlooking a courtyard garden
and a very charming and cosy café on the ground floor ( see first photo)

You will always find something to buy in this shop !!!

Bonton : 5 boulevard des filles du calvaire
This is their flagship store and even though I sell this brand I LOVE browsing in this beautiful three floor shop all about children...It's a very inspiring shop 
(the shop is 2 minutes walk from Merci on the same boulevard)

Rose bakery : 30 rue Debelleyme
There is a much bigger selection than the "mini one" in London
The brunch in rose bakery !!! Oh lå lå...
The bread, the scones, banana bread... 
A very yummy menu

Khadi and co : 37 rue Debelleyme
Winter or Summer I can't leave without a scarf wrapped around my neck
and this is the place to find one !

Just by walking around this area you will find a lot of shops and famous ones such as :
 A.P.C, Isabel Marant, Zef...
(These shops are by Saint sebastien-froissart tube station)

Little french trotters : 28 rue de Charonne
A multi brand shop for children
A nice selection of lots of small brands

Caravane : 19 & 22 rue saint Nicolas
Avery nice homeware shop

(Both shops are by Ledru-rollin tube station)


  1. J'aime tous les petits coins où vous allez faire un petit tour lorsque vous êtes à Paris, surtout Merci et Bonpoint !
    Mais ce petit mot pour vous dire que votre Etoilepetitshop est tout à fait charmante et que tout ce que j'aperçois est ravissant !
    à bientôt

    1. Merci beaucoup Danielle, c'est très gentil.